It's all fun and games ...

Oh wait, if you teach them right, it CAN be fun and games!

John got a bb gun for Christmas last year and he's had a blast getting out in the backyard to shoot it. Zoe finally expressed interest in joining her brother so we grabbed some targets and headed outside.

John shooting

Zoe shooting

They both took turns shooting and insisted on running up after each shot to debate who had the closer hole. Zoe still has trouble pulling the trigger by herself but she's got the enthusiasm! Paper targets were a lot of fun but they got to see how dangerous a bb can be when we shot some unopened soda cans - seeing them fall over and soda jet out of the hole left an impression.

John is just about old enough to get out to the real shooting range - now I just need to get a better .22 rifle for him to shoot. Poor me - another good reason to buy a rifle.


February 6. 2013 07:43

This is great to see, but just like your post about first aid kits and multiple computer backups, they need eye protection. Even with a bb gun. Maybe especially with a bb gun. Plus, it helps make eye protection a habit for the future.


February 6. 2013 08:55

Excellent point, ASM826 - that's something I realized later that I had overlooked and it has been corrected since.

Thanks for the comment!


May 19. 2013 17:54

They're really cute together ^__^

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