Quote of the Day - Politician Actually Makes Sense Edition

"I sometimes think we (legislators) should take a year off from writing new laws and go back over the books and get rid of laws that don't make sense anymore."
PA State Rep. Thomas Caltagirone, while discussing PA's moronic fireworks laws


July 3. 2012 02:46

Good one!


September 21. 2012 13:20

I suppose the logic, if there is any, is that our esteemed Commonwealth wants to make money from selling the fireworks, but doesn't want to have to deal with the attendant hazards. I do worry about what laws they would replace it with: one of the bills sitting in the Pennsylvania general assembly would grant complete legal immunity to all sellers of products, so that claims had to be solely against manufacturers. If they snuck that into some bill amending the fireworks law, then if one of the things malfunctioned because it was poorly made — e.g., blew up prematurely or had a much larger blast or blow up on its own or the like — the injured person would have no recourse at all, except to chase down some fly-by-night company in China.

Max Kennerly

May 19. 2013 17:54

I think that's a really good idea...will it ever happen though?


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