Damn it, Jim, I'm a father, not a babysitter...

"Oh. You're out with two kids by yourself? You must be very brave!"

"Ah - wife is at work? You're stuck babysitting the kids, eh?"

"Where's your wife? At work? Wow - I don't know if I'd take two kids out by myself..."

I hear that quite often. Most recently today when I took my two kids, ages 3 and 5, downtown to the Pittsburgh Regatta. My wife had to work, like she does most weekends, so I grabbed a backpack, tossed in some water bottles and some snacks. Grabbed the kids and we headed down to Point State Park. Just the three of us. From some of the comments I got, you'd think I was undertaking one of the most dangerous journeys known to man.

I'm not sure if this is due to the incredibly rude and unruly kids out there (usually do to a lack of parenting) or if it's due to the wussification of the father figure in our culture - likely some of both - but I'm tired of hearing it. Being a father is more than just being a sperm donor. It's more than just bringing home a paycheck. It's more than just yelling at the kids when they interrupt SportsCenter. Being a father is an honor, a privilege, and most of all a responsibility and it can actually be fun, not just a chore.

Kids need strong role models in life and that's one of the main responsibilities of being a father - setting a good example. If you're too weak to handle taking two kids out in public by yourself, they'll recognize how it are and certainly learn to both exploit it and think less of you for it. If your kids are too wild and crazy to be out in public without you AND your wife, then you're not doing a good job raising them.

Dads - get off your asses, get your kids out for some bonding time, and stop using your wives as crutches to limp through your kids' lives.

Moms - stop letting your husbands just come along for the ride.

And all you judgemental types - stop assuming that, just because kids and fathers on tv are morons, my kids and I are too...


July 2. 2012 01:26

Here here! Being a single mom would be easier than being a mom with a drag-along dad! Luckily for me, my husband is proactive in raising our kids, and we all love him more for it.


July 2. 2012 20:52

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July 2. 2012 22:17


My wife admitted that she was jealous that I was more comfortable taking care of our baby when he first came home from the hospital. I had watched infants before, so it was second nature. This was all new to her.

She gave the slippery guy a total of ONE bath. Hated bathing the baby. It made her uneasy. Mind you - she is a helluva mom and really has been more of a mom than I have, certainly. But other then those 2, I gave the kid every single bath. She made up for it with changing diapers...

Shared experience, raising a kid.

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July 30. 2012 17:31

I hope you are carrying. It is getting dangerous in public parks even in daylight


October 10. 2012 03:33

Hmm, nice I raised my daughter worked and cooked ( still today ), at the beggining I was pissed with the cooking and all now I just do it.


March 19. 2013 13:52

WOW, very interesting. I've been married for 32 years. My husband does more now than he did when we first married. But I'm the boss and he is around for fun.

Donna Savage

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