New Shooter - Don't Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!

My son has been asking when he can come to the range with me for quite some time. I figured I'd ease him into it so I suggested to my brother that a BB gun would be a good gift idea. Well, he certainly took that idea and ran with it!

What did he open Christmas morning? A Crosman BB/Pellet rifle! To say he was excited would be an understatement.

John on Christmas morning

In the backyard

Got him out this morning to shoot it for the first time. Lined a few empty cans and an empty milk jug at about 30 feet. While not a natural (yet!), he managed to hit about 50% of the targets the first time! He's a bit small to really use it well - we will see how well he grows into over the next few years before we upgrade him to his own .22 rifle.

I was one proud papa this morning!


December 26. 2011 16:35

He looks like he's ready to explode with pure joy. *grin*  Way to go!!!

Nancy R.

December 26. 2011 16:57

Thanks Nancy! The first time he hit the milk jug and knocked it over was priceless. There are some moments with my kids that I wouldn't trade for anything and that was one of them.


December 29. 2011 14:24

What an awesome gift!  Can still remember my first bb gun, really fun times back then.  


January 14. 2012 08:39

love the smile on his face ...


January 14. 2012 10:48

You and me both, Julie!

He's absolutely hilarious when we shoot - every time he hits something he shouts "Take that you BBs! You can't hide from me!"


July 31. 2012 10:25

He's so cute! Even as a child he knows how to use a gun. He looks so cool...

Gun Magazine

August 20. 2012 19:29

really digging the blue pyjama bottoms, they look funky on him! Cute kid.


September 21. 2012 17:18

Ahh! Pellets in the backyard fence.

You'll shoot your eye out kid!


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