Massachusetts - Stupidity Wins Again

Looks like Zero tolerance Intelligence wins again: Massachusetts Boy Charged With Bringing Toy Gun on Bus
Police say a 9-year-old elementary school student from Palmer, Mass., will be summoned to juvenile court to face charges for bringing a toy handgun on the school bus, reports.

Chief Robert Frydryk says the school district has a "zero tolerance policy" regarding weapons. Even though the gun was a toy, it is considered a weapon because it shoots soft plastic projectiles.

The boy told police he forgot he had it in his jacket when he got on the bus on May 5.

Frydryk says there is no indication the elementary school student wanted to hurt anyone. The student's name was not made public.

Superintendent Gerald Fournier says that the school took appropriate action "based on the policies and procedures we have in place," MyFoxBoston reports.
I remember when I was in elementary school and brought a NERF gun to school for show and tell. All the teacher did was ask me not to shoot it in school. No cops were called, no media were alerted, and certainly no charges were filed.


May 26. 2011 15:58

I carried a swiss army knife with a blade longer than legal length for a "pocketknife."  Under state law it was a "concealed deadly weapon."

I carried that thing from grade school through highschool, used it when I needed to and it was never an issue.  At worst I was simply asked to put it away.

Now I'm sure they'd arrest me and charge me.  Pure idiocy.

mike w.

June 9. 2011 18:13

If the judge hearing this has any common sense, he'll toss this charge. Which is a bit of a stretch, I know.

The parents should retain a very good lawyer and sue the shit out of the school and the police. Calling this a "weapon" is an absurd stretch of the word.

Too Old To Work

June 11. 2011 07:26

While in high school (early 1980s) I constantly had a 4-inch Buck lock back folder in a sheath on my belt. No one ever said a word to me because it just wasn’t an issue. As a boy my Dad would take his .22 rifle to school with him. This was in the 1940s and in rural Kentucky. At the time it was common for boys to bring their guns to school so they could go hunting after. The teacher would tell them to leave their guns unloaded and made them put the rifles in the “coat room” until the end of the day though…


December 14. 2011 17:34

What a crime!  He should be jailed for life!  LOL


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