New Toys

So, in preparation for my newbie hunting initiation during next falls group hunt hosted by ZerCool, my family and I made the hour long drive to the West Virginia Cabela's today. As a complete hunting newb, I need to get some gear, some clothing, and a shotgun. Cabela's was having a sale that sounded decent in the email spam they sent out. I had high hopes of accomplishing at least some portion of the needed procurement.

Unfortunately, I struck out on all counts. Their clothing sale had been thoroughly picked over and I couldn't find anything really worth buying. Heading over the gun counter, I was surprised to only see a few people waiting for help. Didn't take long for Bill to call my number and give me a hand. The goal? Acquiring a Mossberg 500 turkey/deer combo at a reasonable price. Bill worked his computer magic and determined that they DID have such a combo in stock. Taking me down to the Mossberg section, he let me fondle an all black Mossberg 500 with a basic 3-9x32 scope. After confirming that this shotgun included both barrels, I told him to start the paperwork! Bill headed to the back to retrieve the shotgun from the vault ...

... and came back with disappointing news. Apparently he misread the computer screen and they did NOT actually have that combo in stock. After crushing my hopes beneath his boot, we left Bill and headed over to let John try his hand at the laser shooting gallery. John had a great time and we ended up picking up a toy ping pong ball gun for him prior to the one hour return trip home.

My wonderful wife suggested that, since we were out already, we might as well stop at Dick's Sporting Goods just to see if they happened to have what I was looking for. And that was a most excellent idea. Kathryn, the sales lady at the gun counter, really knew her guns and was quick to locate exactly what I was looking for. After 15 minutes worth of paperwork, I was the proud new owner of a Mossberg 500. Now I just need to get it to the range!

Thanks ZerCool for giving me the justification to finally pick one of these up!

John and I with our new "toys"


January 17. 2011 01:58

Congratulations cybrus!  Time to go to the range and break it in.


January 17. 2011 08:30

My pleasure, and I am definitely looking forward to it! Just make sure you grab *your* new gun and not Jr's new gun for the hunt. Wink


January 17. 2011 09:08

@theunpaidBill - Thanks! And I'm looking forward to getting her out and dirty.

@ZerCool - excellent piece of advice


January 24. 2011 08:18



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