One Death Sentence I Can Support

I'm usually against the death penalty. Not because I think it's wrong but because I think government is too incompetent to wield such a power. But in this case, I have no problem at all with it.

Jury Sentences Cop-Killer Richard Poplawski To Death

Murdering three police officers gets you a Go Straight to Hell card in my book. And the arguments in his defense?
On Tuesday, the jury heard testimony from witnesses called by the defense in an effort to save Poplawski's life.

His great-aunt testified about how Poplawski's parents divorced when he was young and how he was largely influenced by his alcoholic and abusive grandfather who died last month.

Testimony also detailed problems with Margaret Poplawski, Richard Poplawski's mother, who was described as an alchoholic who tried to commit suicide on at least one occasion.
Sorry, douchebag. A lot of people are handed a shit sandwich in life. Most of them manage to get by without going on a rampage. There's no excuse for what you did.

Talk about stupid... Part 2

Police Find Stolen Decorations In Trunk After Woman's Car Breaks Down
"The vehicle that went around and stole everything actually broke down and the female arrested was in the car trying to get it started," said Officer William Gardner of the Charleroi Police Department.

Lisa Welch, 31, of Donora, was charged with eight counts of receiving stolen property. Police said they were shocked with the amount of stuff she had taken.

"Christmas trees, wreaths, statues, all kinds of Christmas lights. They were pretty much hanging out the car. She could barely fit in the car," said Gardner.

I'm impressed - two counts of sheer stupidity in as many days! And, in both cases, for so little value.

Talk about stupid...

Footprints In Snow Lead Police To Monessen Burglary Suspect
Monessen police said they followed footprints in the snow to a home next door where they arrested James Cowart, 29. The tracks led from Cowart’s back porch, straight over to the window at the club, police said.

"To me, I thought it was one of the dumbest things you could ever do," said neighbor Nancy Taylor.

Police said they found a stolen television and cash register from the club inside Cowart's home. Monessen police said Cowart later confessed to the burglary.

Seriously? I'm wondering if alcohol was involved or if this guy is always this stupid?

Paging Walt Kowalski

From a local news story, Man Opens Fire On Kids Tossing Bricks At House, you'd think Walt Kowalski had moved into the neighborhood. Maybe he has ...
Police said Woodson told them that he was shooting at kids who he thought were throwing bricks at his house. Woodson told police that he was tired of being harassed by people who kept breaking his windows.

Neighbors told Channel 4 Action News reporter Ashlie Hardway that a “firebomb” was thrown onto the porch of Woodson’s home before Thanksgiving, leaving smoke and burn marks on the front of the house.
But neighbors told Hardway it may be Woodson’s willingness to look out for others that has made him a target.
Woodson was taken to the Allegheny County Jail. He's currently facing charges of aggravated assault.
Though there may be unreported information, I can't say I blame the guy. And it's nice to see that, despite some rather poor grasps of the English language, that the commenters support George Woodson as well. Hopefully the DA will drop the charges and the police will actually either help clean up that neighborhood or not interfere when the residents try to do it themselves.

Not Sandwich Artist Material

PROTIP: Don't rob someone in the parking lot of the business to which you just applied for a job.

Hey, dumbass! I applaud your effort to find some form of gainful employment. I'm sure you would have upheld the fine Sandwich Artist tradition. Now all you've done is make Jared sad.

"To be the man, you have to beat the man."

One of our 'upstanding youths' got more than expected while trying to rob a Ft. Lauderdale restaurant. Richard 'Ric Flair' Barret helped Store Manager Steve Lebrun subdue the armed robber.

Customer, manager speak about robbery
The robbery occurred at around 8 p.m. Sunday. Surveillance video showed a man in a hat running and dialing 911. Minutes later, Store Manager Steve Lebrun is seen on video wrestling the gun away from the robber and hitting him a few times. "That's when I rushed and grabbed his wrist, took the gun from his hand and beat the living daylights out of him," said Lebrun.

Lebrun said the suspect pointed the gun at one of the employees and pulled the trigger, but it did not go off. "As he jumped across the counter, that's when I hit him in the face," he said. "So I went up and I grabbed the guy and, like a WWE, I gave him, to go head first into the floor."

Barret said the man who dialed 911 came back into the restaurant and handed him the phone while he was holding the robber in a headlock. "He hands me the phone, and I'm laying on top of this guy, and I was there with the phone, and I'm going "Well, hello.' Now looking back, it was kind of a comedy. It sure was not at the time," Barret said.
Not only does the 'upstanding youth' fail miserably, he gets tag teamed and beaten, WWE-style.

It's a total Debacle!