Eric Holder - Beltway Bob

"There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!" - that was quote from Baghdad Bob, the Iraqi Minister of Information, during the initial phase of war in Iraq. He was brutally, and deservedly, mocked for his inane and obvious lies.

It appears that, even here in America, we have our own version. Our own Beltway Bob.

His name is Eric Holder, US Attorney General.

Attorney General Eric Holder insists "nobody at the Justice Department has lied" about the gun-running scandal Fast and Furious. That in itself is a lie, as his deputy's emails prove.

- Investors Business Daily
And, much like Iraqi Information Minister, Eric "Beltway Bob" Holder is the mouthpiece for a corrupt and evil bureaucracy that engages in, covers up, and glosses over the very criminal actions for which they're so eager to prosecute others.

Allen Schulman, Canton City Council President, is unclear on the concept

Allen Schulman, President of the City Council of Canton, OH, cries in his Wheaties. He's unhappy that one of Canton's police officers, Daniel Harless, was caught on camera threatening a man, numerous times, with death and serious injury. Officer Harless informs the man that he should have stepped back, drawn his gun, and put ten rounds in the guy. He goes on to say that he would have executed the man and slept soundly that night. All of this while being filmed by the camera in his own patrol car.

Let me say this again: Officer Harless, a supreme, power-mad asshole of the highest order, threatens to beat, torture, and execute a man ON CAMERA. And, as these sort of videos are prone to do, the dash cam video went viral, bringing well-earned shame and ridicule down upon the town of Canton, the police department, and Officer Daniel Harless.

One would think that Allen Schulman, the President of the Canton, OH City Council, would be angry and outspoken after this incident. And you would be correct! However, Council President Allen Schulman is NOT speaking out against Officer Daniel Harless nor his behavior. He's angry that people from outside of Canton have been calling him to complain about Officer Harless and his atrocious, criminal behavior.

I'm sorry Allen Schulman, but having a Canton mailing address and voter registration is not a requirement to observe and be outraged at the behavior of a psychopath such as Officer Daniel Harless. Rather than stand up, acknowledge, and condemn the outrageous behavior of one of your town's officers, you've chosen to circle the wagons and attempt to divert attention away from Officer Harless by whining and complaining about the very people with whom you should be agreeing.

I'll take 'Will cause an increase in false arrests' for $400, Alex

U.S. Appeals Court: OK to check DNA of those arrested
In an 8-6 ruling, the circuit judges found that people who are arrested have "a diminished expectation of privacy in their identities." Outweighing their privacy, they found, is the importance to law enforcement of correctly identifying people who are charged with crimes, determining their criminal history, potentially linking them to unsolved crimes and promptly ruling out involvement in a crime in cases in which the DNA does not match that found at the scene.
So the cops get to take your DNA in order to increase the speed of investigations and to "potentially" link you to unsolved crimes. All for simply being arrested. It's a good thing the cops never falsely arrest anyone for nefarious reasons.

Am I right, David Briddle? Oscar Mendoza? William Bartlett?

Protection Money

CNN asks What's at stake in the Senate: More gridlock ahead?
Any expectations that a more evenly divided Senate might actually lead to cooperation and compromise could be unrealistic. The animosity and distrust between the two parties is already thick, and likely to get worse as the 2012 presidential campaign gets under way.
My short response: You say that like it's a problem?

My longer response is to note that the current two parties seem less like government and more like two organized crime cartels. Every two years they try to extort protection money, in the guise of votes, from us to protect us from the gays/muslims/guns/BIG ___(insert noun here)___/other party. After the election, they proceed to wreak havoc for two years and then they put on their nice suits and come around for another round of protection money. The rest of the country is just ground zero for their turf wars.

Reminds me a bit of Episode 8 of the first season of the A-Team, "The Out of Towners," where some thugs extort "insurance money" from the locals until the A-Team show them how to fight back. Well, I think it's about damned time we started fighting back against these crooks.

(I' sorry/You're welcome for the gratuitous A-Team reference)

I call Shenanigans

After losing the primary to Joe Miller, an actual conservative, Lisa Murkowsi has waged a sore loser write-in campaign to keep her ego from deflating. As a write-in candidate, Murkowski has several disadvantages, the most damaging being that she is not listed on the ballot and that ill-informed voters won't be reminded that she's a sore loser write-in candidate.

After polls show her trailing Joe Miller, she decided to play the voter fraud game and have her good old buddy and Alaska's chief elections official, Lt. Gov. Craig Campbell, violate not only Alaska's own election code but also the Federal Voting Rights Act by placing signs in polling places that show all the write-in candidates and their party affiliations. This directly violates Alaska's election code which specifically states that "information regarding a write-in candidate may not be discussed, exhibited, or provided at the polling place, or within 200 feet of any entrance to the polling place, on election day."

After a court challenge, the party affiliations portion was removed, but the injunction against any use of the signs was stayed by the Alaska Supreme Court. Another suit was filed at the federal level by five voters for an injunction against the signs for violating Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

We'll have to see how this plays out, but regardless of who wins: Lisa Murkowski, you're a real horse's ass.

Quote of the Day

"That somehow or other these [Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc] are unconstitutional because they're not enumerated within the powers of the constitution, that somehow or other we should just be eliminating these, I think that is out of the mainstream," Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) said on MSNBC.

Via Real Clear Politics which has the video.