Bystander 1, Stupid Criminal 0

Larry Skopnik was in a Commercial Drive Food Stop on Saturday when a man at the counter became aggressive after the clerk would not accept his suspicious-looking $50 bill.
As customer in the local Stop-And-Rob, what would you do if someone started becoming aggressive with the cashier behind the counter? I know that most of you reading would probably step up and help, but a significant part of the population would not. In Vancouver, British Columbia, Larry Skopnik is not one of those sheep and decided to come to the cashier's aid. The best part? He's in a wheelchair.
The man told the female clerk he was going to rob her and then moved behind the counter. Skopnik rolled up, grabbed the man by the torso and, after a struggle that threw him from his wheelchair, the pair fell to the ground. Other store patrons held the suspect until police arrived.
"Right at the moment he was going in and getting physical with her I figured that was unacceptable to cross that boundary," Skopnik told CTV B.C. "And all you really want to do is end the situation."
Source: Man in wheelchair thwarts robbery in B.C.
We gunnies spend a lot of time, with good reason, talking about carrying firearms for self-defense. But it bears repeating that guns are not magic talismans. They're just tools. If you don't have the right mindset, they're unlikely to do you much good when the time comes. Larry Skopnik had the right mindset and used the tools available - his hands. Never forget that if you aren't aware of what's going on around you, you're already at a disadvantage.

Your brain is your primary weapon - the gun is just a tool for it to use.

"To be the man, you have to beat the man."

One of our 'upstanding youths' got more than expected while trying to rob a Ft. Lauderdale restaurant. Richard 'Ric Flair' Barret helped Store Manager Steve Lebrun subdue the armed robber.

Customer, manager speak about robbery
The robbery occurred at around 8 p.m. Sunday. Surveillance video showed a man in a hat running and dialing 911. Minutes later, Store Manager Steve Lebrun is seen on video wrestling the gun away from the robber and hitting him a few times. "That's when I rushed and grabbed his wrist, took the gun from his hand and beat the living daylights out of him," said Lebrun.

Lebrun said the suspect pointed the gun at one of the employees and pulled the trigger, but it did not go off. "As he jumped across the counter, that's when I hit him in the face," he said. "So I went up and I grabbed the guy and, like a WWE, I gave him, to go head first into the floor."

Barret said the man who dialed 911 came back into the restaurant and handed him the phone while he was holding the robber in a headlock. "He hands me the phone, and I'm laying on top of this guy, and I was there with the phone, and I'm going "Well, hello.' Now looking back, it was kind of a comedy. It sure was not at the time," Barret said.
Not only does the 'upstanding youth' fail miserably, he gets tag teamed and beaten, WWE-style.

It's a total Debacle!