Worth A Listen: Vika Yermolyeva (vkgoeswild)

Found via Facebook - Vika Yermolyeva can seriously rock a piano! She covers an insane variety of excellent songs.

Sweet Child O' Mine


More Than A Feeling - a rather unique cover

Personal Jesus - actually covering Johnny Cash's version

Stop by her site and give her a listen!

Worth A Listen: Gretchen Menn

If you haven't checked out Gretchen Menn before, do it now. She's a phenomenal guitarist who was influenced heavily by Steve Morse, Eric Johnson, and Frank Zappa. You can definitely hear a bit of Eric Johnson in her playing. Quite a few of her songs have vaulted into my playlist.

Valentino's Victory Lap

Oleo Strut

Worth A Listen: Meytal Cohen

I can't recall what brought Meytal Cohen to my attention, but Hot damn! This woman can rock a drum set.

Covering Metallica's Enter Sandman

Covering Paramore's Misery Business

Covering System of a Down's Toxicity

Worth A Listen: Sarah Jarosz

Saw Sarah Jarosz play with Steve Martin on Austin City Limits and was floored. Unfortunately, PBS is no longer streaming that episode but, if you can find it, it is definitely worth watching!

Run Away

Annabelle Lee

A clip from an after-hours jam session

Worth A Listen: Jessica Lee Mayfield

Found via a Spotify suggestion, Jessica Lee Mayfield instantly struck a chord with me. Her voice intrigued me immediately and, after listening to a few songs, so did her lyrics.

Definitely someone to check out!

Blues Skies Again - one of my favorites

Our Hearts Are Wrong - if you've heard of her, it was probably this song